Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Duct Tape, Dads & DANCE...

That about sums up our weekend!

This week at the The Pixie Cottage

our 24th challenge theme is "INSIDE /OUT" with the option to use the theme,

and/ or this week's sketch:

designed by the super talented guest sketch artist Jay Jay.

You may view all of the Outsides & the Insides

Here are a few more details on my oh so MANly card using the

For the vertical panels of the sketch I ran strips of authentic DUCT TAPE...
instead of the floral trio I filled in the top corner with metal letters: Dad

en lieu of the ribbon and bow I opted for ball-chain
and a dangling hammer...

The interior repeated the vertical stripes and encompasses a gift card holder

in the midst of the verbiage. Note the writing at the
top of the gift card is part of the 'sentiment'.

hidden in the pocket with the
"Phillips screw driver" brads on either side
is the gift of dinner options!

So what kind of card is on your agenda this week?
We can't wait to see your take on our sketch or the fabulous ins and outs!
Be sure to link back to The Pixie Cottage

We gave this card to Sean's dad.

So fitting as he is a contractor and probably

was the inspiring source behind this

MANmade Digi Stamp by CreaSeans

(he loved it)

The third aspect of this blog episode's title is "DANCE"

In our household dance and father's day weekend go hand in hand. Our year end recital is always the Saturday night preceding the day honoring Dads. This year it was showcased in a single show containing 53 numbers! Luckily for our family, between the 4 of us we were spaced throughout the show in 8 of them! Here are a handful of the 500 photos Sean took...


Ian's tap: "You Ain't Never Had A Friend Like ME"

The girlies' jazz: "Boogie Shoes" ~Sierra front, Sienna back

My tap: "Ruby Blue"

Ian's ballet: "Austen's Song"

Ian's jazz: "My BOYfriend's Back"

The girlies' tap: "Bad"

Even though it was Jazz I got to dress like a ballerina...


I can't imagine life without dance.

How ironic that after my heart failed due to the pregnancy of the girlies ;

once they established I was not going to die,

they didn't hold out hope that I'd do much more than walk ever again.

A little mental altitude goes a long way!

The girlies' ballet: "This Little Light Of Mine..."

~I'm gonna let it shine...ALL the days of our lives!

Have a blessed day!


  1. Tish,what a beautiful dancing family you have. I am so glad that I found your work and they all seem to be dancing throughout my scraping pages. You have a creative HEART and I am so glad to have a piece of it.. Your Dads Day card is wonderful too!! KathyR.

  2. What a adorable creative card. Love it! Wonderful pictures of your dancing kids! Thanks so much for sharing!
    The Pixie Cottage DT

  3. You sure are inspiring ArTish, thank you for sharing some of your personal journey with us.
    Love the card!

  4. oh hun what a wonderful post you are just so amazing,hugs cheryl x
    oh love the card,too xxxxxxxx

  5. Such wonderful images of you`re dancing :)
    And what a supercool card you have made!!
    Hugs from Maya

  6. What a cool looking card!! Love all the photos of you and your family!!

  7. Your card is super cool Tish! "Cute" masculine details =) Wonderful photos of you and your children dancing ;)

    Hugs, Anne

  8. I taught dance for many years so I loved seeing your photo's. So happy to see your boy dances. They are always short in demand. Thanks for sharing your photos:)