Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday Was My 1 Week Anniversary...

of being an official BLOGGER!
All in perfect timing... I became a Design Team member
for the Pixie Cottage that same day~a wonderfully creative way to celebrate!
The celebration continues as I get to share with you what I whipped up
for this week's Pixie Cottage Challenge.
Based on the following sketch by fellow Pixie Cottage Design Team member

And after oh so subtly inquiring with my best pal on eBay, 24 hours ago,
"What are your 2 favorite colors?"
Eileen; one of the Pixie Cottage Illustrators, and known as 'craftyemg' on eBay~
replied, "pink & purple."
Armed with that information,
a super cute
Molly stamp
Eileen illustrated~ (available at the Pixie Cottage)
and the urge to show Eileen
just how SWEET I think our friendship is
I created this...

I couldn't help but think to myself,
"Who knew I was a card maker!?"
I had so much fun coloring with my Copic markers
and adding just the right amount of confection to the cupcakes and lollies!
I used a real lolli stick on the lower right "floral image" lollipop from the sketch.

When I see 'candy' in 'paper art' I think of
the eBay group I belong to
As in most of my work parts are as shiny as Rudolph's nose!
The scrapbooker in me is evident here in my "creative blend" title...
"my"- Making Memories Stickers
"sweet" - k i Memories Color Theory
"ami" - Paper Studio ala Hobby Lobby

The pattern paper that is raining candy is by Scrimages 'Candy #165'

A duplicated oval on the inside for a hand written note...

And a closeup of the tasty treats...

Thank you for browsing at my first ArtishtiCard :)
I can't wait 'til the next Pixie Cottage challenge.

Eileen, I hope you loved your 'Sweet Molly'
with a touch of Artish.
I am so grateful one simple question on eBay
has led to years of being Sweet Amis!

TO VIEW other takes on this Pixie Cottage Challenge,
and to share with the world
how YOU interpret Anne's sketch link your card back to

The Pixie Cottage for a chance to be a Pixie Cottage Winner!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a great culmination of...

words, nature, movement, imagination all rolled in PINK!

you can find her here...

What is your suggestion for the next fairy color?

I love researching/finding names for them.

Perhaps I need to introduce you to all of the glass people that live with us~

I mosaic mannequins~ they all have names!

Have a wonderful night. We're off to church.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

by George, I think the...

"Creative Juices" ...

were flowing!
Introducing my very monochromatic PINK fairy...

she is encouraging her new friend to take flight and follow her dreams!

As stated in my ebay commercials;
all of my piecings are 100% unique
"created from the unscripted movement of my scissors."
I do not trace or draw them first,
I simply pick up the paper and commence to cutting!

Another mantra of mine is to "embellish the embellishments."
I embrace going the extra step to make each creation even more special.
*such as glass beads on velvet wings

Stayed tuned 'til June...my jazz dance recital costume includes a tu-tu!
(mine's not PINK though, and will be slightly larger than Dulcina's)

Pointy toes and petite fleurs are so precious.

Voila....it was a creative day!
Dulcina will be flying onto a layout to be listed on eBay tonight.
See if you can catch her before she flies into someone else's scrapbook.

I have ballet tonight~ my elaborate "commercial" will be up in the a.m.
What will I create tomorrow?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

For the LOVE of Art...

I can't think of a better day to start a blog about...

All the Artishtic things I LOVE to create than on Valentine's Day.

I am so glad I challenged myself to take this step.
I intend "All Things Artishtic..." to be a creative journey like no other...
it will share with you the answer to my daily question:
"What to create next!?"

I'll keep us all on our toes (wink wink~ I LOVE to dance)
wondering where the creative juices a.k.a. espresso, will lead me.
It could range anywhere from original paper piecings and layouts I sell on eBay
(CSPT & Artish are always in my titles)
cut from the unscripted movement of my scissors~
perhaps my Rudolph with his big shiny nose or a colorful fairy,
to the next original classes/kits I will be teaching
in Owasso at "The Scrapbook Store",
to the latest in my rubber stamp designs for Pixie Cottage,
to incredibly detailed large as life glass/tile mosaics,
to my most recent adventure... writing and illustrating children's books.
I believe the possibilities are endless
and I invite you to share in my Artishtic journey.