Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Ultimate EGG...

is a hot off the Easter decorating press,

and a giant piece of EGGciting news for me...

as I enter this new Digi ARTish image in a

***digital drawing contest***

(look for the Happy Pencil to read all about it)

Digi ARTish ----The Ultimate Egg

...available on the side bar

Thank YOU's bigger than the EGG to Miss Michelle for all of your help and encouragement!

Super EGGcited to be selling my own digis.

Figuring out blogger checkout was quite the undertaking!
A computer guru I am not.

I hope you have an EGGceptional day!


  1. Tish, I really can't see the digi's in the side bar. They are all scrambled. Is there a way to enlarge?? Don't want to confuse you with more techie stuff, maybe post them big like the egg!!! Thanks... I hope for Fairys TOO...

  2. :) the techy stuff is confusing. if you click on them it enlarges. planning a seperate blog to list each one as a post. if i make the images to be in the sidebar larger it doesn't fit in the alotted column space and then you have to slide the images over.
    still learning...i need a blog fairy!