Wednesday, March 10, 2010's not just a COLOR,

It's a WAY of LIFE!

in our house we even have a little song,


(trust me it's catchy!)

Along with our song we have a lot of "NOT-TRASH"

but a lot of Potential to help save our Earth!

Look around at all the Potential near you...

just about everything comes in a cup, a box, a bag, a carton, a jar etc...

our "NOT-TRASH" lives in our pantry...

(this photo is of their home ready to be filled up again!
-in a house of 5 it doesn't take long!

We haven't even mentioned PAPER...
junk mail, worksheets, magazines...

crafting scraps OH MY!

It adds up fast!

It takes very little effort and time

to have a bin or a bag set up to put it all in -

INSTEAD of the trash; because it is "NOT-TRASH"

and then to take it to a local RECYCLE Center.

It's even quite a riot to look in the bin and see your graded homework! :)

In the effort to tie my passion for recycling,

the latest The Pixie Cottage Challenge

based on the color GREEN,

my LOVE of scrapbooking,

AND Q-pid the Fairy STAMP I designed

... I present you this layout...

A great display of how a "red and pink" Valentines image
can be used for so much more~ truly ANYTHING you LOVE!
Hearts are in style all year round!
You know me well...

And HOW PERFECT are these pins!?
They look exactly like her arrows!
*and I recycled pattern paper scraps
from my Dinosaur layout to journal on !!

To incorporate the title into her outfit
I used Green wire and alphabet beads~
couldn't have designed better if I had intended
Q-pid to have a twin sister that fancies herself a RECYCLE QUEEN!

So break into your Green Collection and let us see what you can create...
Post your creation on your blog and link back to the
The Pixie Cottage Challenge Green Challenge for your chance to win!
In addition to seeing all of the Pixie Cottage Design Team's Green creations
you can be one of the first to grab the first ever Pixie Cottage Digi-Stamp
designed by yours :)
Here is your direct flight to Q-pid the Fairy
Thank you!!!!

I have entered my RECYCLE QUEEN layout in challenges at…

a sppon full of sugar

treasured scrapbooking

****for all of you scrapbook fans***
The following creative double page spread
featuring the cutest Bear & a Frog ends tonight (3/10/10)...
Have a HOPPY day!

Thank you for looking!


  1. Let me tell you first how much I admire you for taking all the time involved to recycle, and to get your kids involved in such a worthwhile project.
    Secondly, the scrapbook page is such a unique take on the "green" theme, I love your out of the box thinking. (You are the queen of green for sure)

  2. I love your GREEN-project, but I told you this before.LOL But that scrapbookpage with the bear and the frog, wow, that's stunning! You are a real artist!


  3. I love your recycle system, glad you were first in the "dumpster".. Q-pid is very cute in green... Fun Stuff.. KathyR.

  4. You are indeed the Recycle Queen. I also have a family of 5 and we recycle just about everything we can. I applaud you for teaching your kids. AND I adore your layout. I even love how you recycled a Valentine image. Bravo. And thanks for playing with us at Opus Gluei too.

  5. Tish, I haven't offically welcomed you to the Pixie Cottage yet, but I am so glad you joined us as a designer. Your designs are always so creative. It is a pleasure to be designing with you!

  6. Yes I do think you are a recycle queen!! I love the layout!!! Very cute!! Love the new stamp too! Love how you have done your post with all of the fun pictures!!

    hugs, Janiel

  7. What a great post; love that you are such an avid recycler and this layout just makes me grin! Thanks for playing with us at Opus Gluei - come back again for more of our challenges!