Tuesday, February 16, 2010

by George, I think the...

"Creative Juices" ...

were flowing!
Introducing my very monochromatic PINK fairy...

she is encouraging her new friend to take flight and follow her dreams!

As stated in my ebay commercials;
all of my piecings are 100% unique
"created from the unscripted movement of my scissors."
I do not trace or draw them first,
I simply pick up the paper and commence to cutting!

Another mantra of mine is to "embellish the embellishments."
I embrace going the extra step to make each creation even more special.
*such as glass beads on velvet wings

Stayed tuned 'til June...my jazz dance recital costume includes a tu-tu!
(mine's not PINK though, and will be slightly larger than Dulcina's)

Pointy toes and petite fleurs are so precious.

Voila....it was a creative day!
Dulcina will be flying onto a layout to be listed on eBay tonight.
See if you can catch her before she flies into someone else's scrapbook.

I have ballet tonight~ my elaborate "commercial" will be up in the a.m.
What will I create tomorrow?


  1. I think she is very cute!! Cannot wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. Thank you Miss Michelle, you know it might just be some cards for the LOVE chalenge you are hosting at Pixie Cottage! ;)

  3. Hi Tish! I am one of the designers from the Pixie Cottage! It's great to see your blog and to learn how you got the name ARTish! It has been a joy to use your stamps!

  4. thank you miss pam~ having a blog was definately a step in the right direction! looks like we'll be seeing lots more of each other!! :)

  5. Great Job Lovely Wife! I like how you "repurposed" the Valentine's Fairy for use as a Recycling Fairy!

    Keep it up! Love you!

  6. So cute!!!Love your recycling fairy!!Awesome take on the green challenge at Inky!!Thanks for joining us!!