Sunday, February 14, 2010

For the LOVE of Art...

I can't think of a better day to start a blog about...

All the Artishtic things I LOVE to create than on Valentine's Day.

I am so glad I challenged myself to take this step.
I intend "All Things Artishtic..." to be a creative journey like no other...
it will share with you the answer to my daily question:
"What to create next!?"

I'll keep us all on our toes (wink wink~ I LOVE to dance)
wondering where the creative juices a.k.a. espresso, will lead me.
It could range anywhere from original paper piecings and layouts I sell on eBay
(CSPT & Artish are always in my titles)
cut from the unscripted movement of my scissors~
perhaps my Rudolph with his big shiny nose or a colorful fairy,
to the next original classes/kits I will be teaching
in Owasso at "The Scrapbook Store",
to the latest in my rubber stamp designs for Pixie Cottage,
to incredibly detailed large as life glass/tile mosaics,
to my most recent adventure... writing and illustrating children's books.
I believe the possibilities are endless
and I invite you to share in my Artishtic journey.


  1. OH my gosh Tish, you are so pretty. And your first comment must be from your hubby, and that is just sooo sweet! Give him a big kiss!

  2. MERCI miss michelle!!!
    yes, that was from husbad dear, :)
    he calls me "sweetie". everything around here is Sweet... from paper piecings to names.

  3. welcome to blogging!!!! Love your art!!
    hugs, Janiel (scrappyjan)

  4. AWWW, that is sweet! Tish, you are off to a great start, the possiblities are endless!!!

  5. Hello Trish,
    Welcome to the world of blogging!

  6. you ALL are soooooooooo super sweet, thank you for the warm welcome and encouraging words. Feel free to send me helpful tips! :)
    I just walked in the door (11:48 p.m. central time) from tap and jazz. After I get the kiddos off to school and come home from a.m. exercise I'll be creating up here; don't worry, I'll share pics! Artish

  7. Congratulations on your new blog! Curious to see what you wil create.

    Hugs from Holland,

  8. Great new blog, You know I love everything ArTish. I saw a great commercial today. This girl was twirling around in a orange dress and it turned into a sliced orange skirt. Maybe a summer fruit colored fairy. KathyR.

  9. miss kathy~ tropical sounds delightfully warm, as my fingers are numb from the cold (and it's 45 degrees outide--not below zero or anything crazy)how many days til summer?

    Merci miss micha! -glad you got signed in!