Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DANCE~like an ANGEL...

that is how I would describe what the audience at Owasso's Performing Art's Center

witnessed as Ally Sanov danced a tribute
to her big brother Austen Alexander Sanov

Saturday night. It was the first Scholarship Dance Competition

by Dancewerks honoring the memory of Austen

and bringing an educational opportunity to our local dancers.

What a night to remember!

Fast forward to this a.m. ...

It is Wednesday and time for Challenge #19

The option this week is to create a project using "Paper Tole"

accomplished by stamping the same image multiple times

and cutting out specific parts to layer and color;

building a 3-dimensional image with physical depth. That,

coupled with coloring, makes for a striking presentation and is quite fun!

This is my take on Paper Toling

The additional option to Challenge #19

is to utilize this sketch by

Senior design team member
Pam ...

OR do both....

In the above photo- I overlayed "journaling"

in the upper right section of black journaling petals. I have asked Ally to share in her words. I can't begin to fathom how therapeutic, and emotional it was for her to dance with her 'big brother's' tiny little T-shirt. At the time of the accident she was 3 1/2, she's now 16. From the tips of her fingers down to her toes, on the floor and soaring...she exuded LOVE.

After you create your project be sure to link back your blog posting
to Challenge #19 for a chance to win!

When deciding how to incorporate the circle into my layout-

cutting it out and matting it was not an option...

I wanted to show the floor beneath Ally, WAY beneath her... I captured her flying!

Highlighting the black and white with YELLOW

was a decision based on the shirt she danced with...

it was Austen's from his baseball team,

which he wears in the photo we have come to know him by.

a glimpse of my paper toling in action...

multitudes of South End Girls...

Like most women...what to wear, what to wear, what to wear???

How about a variety of white...textured card stock, thick mulberry, printed glittered vellum...endless possibilities!
It's like "paper dolls" for grown ups!

in true 'makeover fashion'....
Before & After

This technique in the stamping arena was new to me~
yet amazingly similar to the paper piecings I create for eBay
with the "unscripted movement of my scissors".
I look forward to seeing all of your creations!!!


Back to Saturday... the evening opened with Ian's ballet class performing their dance to "Austen's song" (the song played at Austen's funeral)
choreographed by Miss Michele (Austen and Ally's mom)
--you met her a few weeks back in the layout I did of her and Ian.

It was simply precious to watch...

There are a few parts where Ian's hand needed to extend upward, as seen here, and in his promenade. I asked him, "Who are you reaching towards?"

"God. Jesus. And Austen up in heaven"

This was the final pose. Tissues were a must.

I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.

A little boy covered by fields of clover...

I shared with you weeks ago that I believe the relationship Ian and Miss Michele have built over the past 3 years was Heaven sent. For her to come to a place of heeling where she could so publicly share her story, for her incredible friend Miss Ellen to propose the scholarship in Austen's memory and to GIVE to the dance community, that Miss Michele and Ally's lives touch daily. For Ian to be a dancer and the exact same age as Austen when he sadly became an Angel...

There is no doubt God had his hand in this.

In memory of Austen Sanov


Blessings from Above,


  1. Wow, what a touching story, and a beautiful way to express the dance made just for Austen. You are very sweet ArTish, thank you for sharing.

  2. Both of your projects turned out just beautifully for this post Tish.

  3. Your LO is beautiful Tish! And so is the story!

    Hugs, Anne