Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Shrinky Dinks"...

was what immediately came to my mind when I read

Once again you have the choice to "make a charm" that you add to a card, a layout, or an ordinary glass jar; once containing scrapbook flowers that you saved in your cabinet knowing someday you could RECYCLE it into something much more artistic, pretty and functional...

or you can use the sketch of the week:

or combine them both as many of
the Design Team members from The Pixie Cottage
have done this week. After you create and upload to your blog,
for your chance to win!

In planning my petite flower vase I dove into my drawer of goodies...sure enough "PolyShrink"

a nifty plastic (clear or white) that you can stamp on and then drastically reduce the size of.

In keeping with the "flower" theme I used my stamp Simply the Best Rose

Stamped it 5 times, cut out around the images

and punched holes in the top.

Shrinking the plastic requires a heat oven up here in the the heat gun worked just fine. I placed a "Hot Mama" sheet from the Little Black Dress Co. underneath it.

I had to chuckle at the instructions
PolyShrink made sure to tell you that
the holes will shrink too!

Now is where you start to GASP...
as the image takes on a life of it's own...

contorting this way and that.
My heart has stopped racing and it turned out pretty neat.

only 4 more to go.

Affixing them to the vase I incorporated wire and beads...

Add glass gems, H2o , and a floral snip-it and

Last night via email Michelle inquired if that flower was a magnolia.
I told her I'd have to research that, for now I call it
"The used to be on the bush next to the detached garage white flower"

I hope your day is filled with brightness,
and that you find happiness in the least expected places!
I blessed my neighbor yesterday by placing this vase,
mysterious white flower and a card in her mailbox.
Her name is Miss Brenda, she has cancer.
Prayers for her, her husband and their 3 girls would be welcome!


  1. This is brilliant Tish! Theose little charms look amazing. I didn't even notice it was an ordinary jar until I read your post.
    Thanks so much for sharing the instructions. Must have a go at something like this one day.
    Sharon xx

  2. Oh! I forgot to say...I'm sending prayers to your neighbour. Bless her.

  3. ArTish, Love the vase with the wonderful charms! Its a little shocking as they begin to shrink isnt it??:) Will put your neighbor on my prayer list.