Friday, September 24, 2010

Sienna's Stamps benefit AUTISM...

Have you ever been so passionate

about something that you eat, sleep,

DREAM about it every day and night?

This is how Sienna is about ART
and Caring for others.

Her "love language" is the gift of giving.

If you are blessed to truly know Sienna,

chances are she has made you something;

from a card, to a purse, to a critter from craft supplies.

My children have always had access to my studio,

half of it is dedicated to them.

Art is something I live out loud daily...

it is no wonder they have followed suit.

This past spring as Sienna saw more and more of my images

becoming tangible Pixie Cottage Stamps she started inquiring...

"Are there any children that make stamps?"

"Do you think I could have my very own stamp?"

I encouraged her to continue drawing

and to email Miss Michelle, owner of the Pixie Cottage.

Sienna did just that!

The following pics are the night Sienna read the email

from Miss Michelle...

saying "YES, Sienna,

I will make one of your images into a rubber stamp!"

Can you feel her excitement!!!!?
It was in June when discussions furthered
and the plan became to use Sienna's ART to benefit others.
Sienna was thrilled with the concept
and wrote about which charity she selected and why:
Hi my name is Sienna. I’m 9 years old. I love art! My favorite is drawing and coloring. My mom told me about illustrating stamps. I really wanted to do it too. She told me to keep on drawing and that’s what I did. At church while the grown ups were talking I brought paper and pencil and drew a raccoon named Razz. I asked my mom if this could be a rubber stamp and if I could show it to Miss Michelle. Since then I have been submitting drawings. Miss Michelle had the idea to use one of my images for a charity stamp. I have chosen for all of the proceeds to benefit children with Autism. A year ago I was in a Denver hospital for 2 weeks; the family we stayed with at night was wonderful. They have a granddaughter named Star, who has Autism. I’m a child who is following my dreams, my hope is that my art can help make their dreams come true.
Thank you for supporting Autism research too!
Love, Sienna

We encourage you to get your hands on some of
SIENNA’s Benefit Autism STAMPS

They would be super stocking stuffers, make great gifts for teachers,
a fabulous addition to any craft room and KIDS LOVE TO CREATE!

AND most important they benefit AUTISM, not to mention they cost less than your average cup of coffee!!!

It didn't take her long to use hers...

The look of amazement and pride is one I recognize.
Can you just imagine what she'll be doing when she is 38?

Leave it to Sienna to request the thick pink mulberry paper
so the flamingoes could be feathery!

engrossed in creativity!

Signs of a HAPPY stamp...INK!

On the morning I debuted my Polkadotasuraus Stamp I wrote that the girlies were up bright and early making tri-shutter cards of their own. I wasn't kidding...

Sienna gave her creation to Mrs. Hayes,
her teacher from last year,
who got to hear this process every step of the way.
BRAVO Sienna!

Thanks again for sharing the word about
SIENNA’s Benefit Autism STAMPS
around the world!!!

She sometimes refers to herself as "little ARTish"

but truly, it is Sienna that inspires me!


  1. My Dear Sienna,

    You are truly a wonderful person. I am proud to say I have ordered your stamps, and I think the choice of where to donate the money shows us how passionate you are about all things in life. I love your card, keep up the good work.


  2. Congrats, Sienna! Your stamps are adorable and I will spread the word!
    Treasured Scrapbooking

  3. Sienna I am so excited about your stamps and the benefit!!

  4. Sienna that is awesome and your stamps are wonderful! What a sweet thing to do for a great cause.

  5. Really great job Sienna. I can't wait to see more..Love the cause you will be donating too!!

  6. Hi Sienna, just recieved your stamps today. They are so adorable in person.. I will be playing with them this weekend... Keep up the good work!!! Your friend KathyR.