Monday, December 20, 2010

Caffeine & Sprinkles...

Is there a better way to start your morning?
These mice think not!

Today's Monday Whatnots...What's not to Love

My images are...
Sprinkles digi by ARTish...

To showcase Caffeine I created a gift card holder...

I wonder what's inside...


Have you ever been asked, or asked....???

"Espresso" is always the safe answer!!!

On to sugary sweet Sprinkles...
and the quote that might keep you away from temptation...

Yes, it's on the frig!

Invite them over to your computer!

To see: other Prettie creations

Personally, I'll pass on the donuts.

(although if you're in Owasso I know just where to send you

should you NEED some...

Miss Sally's Paradise Donuts!!

these are a sampling of her offerings)

I say, "bring on the coffee!"

So much so that I have made it the theme of my kitchen creations

and the reasoning behind the white icing and blue sprinkles

...the magnet had to match the decor!

This is the wall behind our kitchen table...

This is "Joe"...

Talk about a long pour...

Oh to have a functioning fountain like this sculpture!

How many cups do you need to get through your day?


Or a LATTE!?

I'm ready to head downstairs and make my second Iced espresso of the day.

Shall I count?

I hope you have a SWEET day!


  1. I love your images today! I'm in the middle of a card (bright and happy) with the Caffeine image...too fun!

  2. WOW...Your creations are amazing!! Loving your new images...I had so many ideas on what to say with Sprinkles!

  3. These are adorable.. I will have a buttermilk donut pleeze!!!

  4. Love your creations, love your new images, TFS.

  5. I love your tri fold card that holds a gift card! Very creative design & beautifully embellished!