Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Paper Pretties Day 5 Preview...

I was like a student in class waving my hand,
"Me, me, me- I'll volunteer",
when I saw this new Scout Cooper set.
(available Friday in the Paper Pretties Boutique)
Seeing as how I now have my very own Tiger Scout
I had no doubt I would have multiple uses for it!
A week ago, for instance...
Ian had a pack meeting/ kind of a fun reward night
awarding all of the scouts a chance to win raffles,
and to receive prizes for selling popcorn.
Ian did not win one of the chance drawings,
but was ultra excited that he sold enough popcorn
to earn his way to day camp next summer,
a ticket to an evening field trip and a marshmallow shooter.

here is the full set...

We knew that in each den the scout that...

(follow along with the title)

(Mr. Jim was such a good sport!)
we just didn't know (as the journaling states)
that Ian was THE one-
until they called his name!
~too cool

Here is the entire layout...

What event will Scout Cooper help us scrapbook next?
If you've got a scout I recommend this stamp!
See how some of the other Prettie Girls
created with this great set...
at Paper Pretties
Happy creating,


  1. Awesome!! This is I'll get too, we are having our awards tonight. I don't think my scout gets to throw a pie but he is excited about that marshmallow shooter.
    I love what you did here!!

  2. Adorable pages!!! I love when a scrapbook tells a story!! I absolutely love this scout and I agree he is a must have. My son is now a bear and we are still loving it. I have a ton of pictures of Pack night, vetern's parade, pine derby...all Fun and waiting for this Cooper!!! Thanks for the Inspiration!!

  3. Yeah for fantastic creativity, and wonderful pictures. What a fun day.

  4. Oh yes, all those Pack Meetings, remember them well.. This would have been a neat stamp to have. That book actually turned out to be a very good memory to have.. Ian will treasure this...